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How It Works | What We Do

Buying alone will cost you "X".
Many businesses buying together will cost you less than "X".

SOOOF is an Open
B2B Marketplace.

We use a cooperative b2b buying model to connect buyers & suppliers for volume discounts on products & services across multiple industries.

It’s anonymous, secure and free to join.

Step 1

Explore the Marketplace

Browse active deals in the Marketplace, or narrow your search and filter by industry, category and sub-category. SOOOF is a user-driven platform which means you can simply Request-A-Quote and we’ll find the best prices for the products and services that you need.

Best of all, there’s never any commitment – you buy when you’re ready.

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Step 2

Place Your Order

Place your order one of two ways: Buy-It-Now or Crowd-Order.

Buy-It-Now allows buyers to act on their own and make purchase decisions quickly. Products may include a small discount, or can be purchased at a regular retail price.

The Crowd-Ordering buying model allows like-minded businesses to anonymously place orders together, to build buying power, and receive volume discount pricing. To participate in a Crowd-Order, buyers collectively reach a deal target together. Once that target has been reached, each buyer in the group will pay a small deposit, and receive a unique volume discount voucher.

All orders are submitted privately and securely, and are not shared with other participating members.

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Step 3

Complete Your Purchase, Your Way

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s up to you how and when you’ll complete your purchase with the supplier. Personalization, order fulfillment, payment and delivery timelines are between you and the supplier, as they normally would be.

SOOOF complements your company’s procurement process. The way you bought yesterday is the way you buy tomorrow. Only now, with a better price.

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